Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a quick update!

So, school has started and is in full swing. I LOVE my job!!! I am teaching 11th grade biology (taxonomy and classification), 11th grade english, and 12th grade english. I am super nervous about teaching english... I didn't prepare for it. Oh well... All is going well.

I have started working in the lab at school. I have been teaching my colleagues how to use our microscopes and materials in the lab. I am really enjoying it. I have been staying pretty busy, but don't worry I still love it here.

I am really enjoying Catandica. My site is absolutely beautiful. It has been raining for the past 3 weeks straight. The temp has been in the low to mid 70's during the day and 60's at night. LOVE IT! I just really hate the mosquitos! I sometimes have to go to bed early so that I can escape them and hide in my mosquito net.

I have been in Maputo for the last week. I have been here for med. I had a dental issue. Then once that was resolved I had a horrible reaction to my meds. I felt like I was going to die! Today I am feeling much better. I get to go home, to Catandica, tomorrow. Not really looking forward to the long chapa rides but I am anxious to get home. I miss my bed and my friends in town.

I'll try to update again soon. I hope all is going well! Miss everyone like crazy!

Love to all!

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