Sunday, December 6, 2009

Catandica BABY!

Boa Noite!

SOOO…. I am going to Catandica, Manica! We swear in as volunteers on Tuesday Dec. 8! The next day I will be flying to Manica! I cannot believe this is actually happening! I have waited for soooooooooo long! I will be living in a house with a roomie. Her name is Kendra. She is a MOZ 14er too! She will be teaching English. I am glad I have a roomie. I think it will be awesome! We have already made the rule that we MUST speak only Portuguese to each other… I need the practice!

Did everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving?! I DID! PC let us have party! They provided turkeys and roasted veggies. We were supposed to bring sides and sweets. I made my mom’s traditional rum cake. It was rockin’! although the rum here tastes different… still good though. I made a trial cake for my host family and my host mom ate it all! She asked for the recipe! That is a HUGE complement… that is because my REAL mom rocks! So anyway our turkey day festa (party) was awesome! There was soooooo much food! We have some good cooks in MOZ 14. It was the first time I have been completely full since I have been here! Not all my cake was gone so my language professor took it home… it was his birthday. He ate ALL of it! Then the next day he asked my friend and me to make him a cake for his graduation from university. Of course we said yes!

Sometimes I wake up and cannot believe I am actually in Africa. I am sooooo lucky that I have an amazing family and rockin’ friends who are so super supportive! I am having so much fun and I am working so very hard! I cannot wait to move to Manica to continue my work! Thank you to all my family and friends! You all are the reason I am here! Because without your support, thoughts, and prayers I don’t think I could it! You all are AWESOME! - ok that was my cheesy thanksgiving speech.
Miss everyone LOTS!

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  1. Hi Meghann! I'm following your blog from school and from home because although my school email will let me read your blog it won't let me post comments! :( Anyway, it sounds like you're having quite the adventure. I can't wait to hear more from you and see lots and lots of pictures!