Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 3

Hello Friends and Family!!

How is everyone?!?! I miss home like crazy! BUT I am having a great time! I am learning sooooo much! Sometimes I come home in the evenings and I can’t even think… my head is full of new things and information.

This is the end of my third week! Can you believe it has been that long already?! It was an awesome week. We had many fun activities planned for us! I am pretty sure I laughed until I cried! It was much needed! I’ll try to post a picture… not sure if I can because the internet is dial-up slow!!!

Today, during our language class, we cooked with our families. All of our host mom’s met us at a friend’s house and taught us how to cook Mozambican food. We made Matapa, Couve, and N something (I don’t know all the words). We also made Chima and Rice. It was all very delicious. It was fun cooking with our host families. It is kind of funny though… they think we have no idea how to cook… but I DO! They just laughed at us!

Sooo… another crazy story… My host mom found out I go to a Nazarene Church in the US. She was very excited and told me that there is a Nazarene church here in Namaacha! How crazy is that!? I went on Sunday and loved it! They were so very excited to have me there! Apparently mom host mom told them I was coming because they knew EVERYTHING about me! AND the best part was… The pastor at this church knows all about BFC!! I just can’t escape the Nazarene’s!! J

I do have 2 fun stories for you…

Earlier this week my stomach hurt. I was just not feeling so great. My host mom could tell I didn’t feel well and asked and I told her. So for dinner she made beans and rice and then tried to get me to eat a spoonful of mayonnaise (unrefridgerated after opening). She told me it will help with my digestion… I am pretty sure it would have made me sick! I didn’t eat it!

This next story is kind of morbid… but really funny! Sorry if you don’t like it!

Some of the other volunteers have created a club while we are here in Namaacha… it doesn’t really have a name. But you are apart of it if you have killed a chicken and then later ate that same chicken. I am not apart of this club yet… I have helped cut up and duck but I did not kill it, it was already dead and plucked. So anyway, like I said earlier we made lunch with our host mom’s today. My friend Megan got to kill her first chicken. While she was in the process of killing the chicken a little chicken blood got on her foot. Instead of her mom getting a cloth to wipe it off… she used the clean feathers that were on the chicken head… She used a chicken head to clean off the blood!!! I laughed really hard when she told me this!

Now, I must go to bed… I have a test tomorrow!!!


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  1. On Sunday I discovered that the largest Nazarene church in Africa is in Maputo.